BIP-119 Signalled Support

The following organizations, individuals, or pools have communicated preference for and intent to support a BIP-119 activation attempt using reasonable parameters. These “soft signals” are non-binding until an actual concrete proposal has been formed, but are useful for measuring community consensus.

Open an issue or a pull request on GitHub to modify or create or modify an entry for you or your organization. All listings have been individually confirmed by Jeremy Rubin where a statement is either missing or ambiguous.

Developers & Individuals

Developers & Individuals include the programmers behind Bitcoin Core, wallets, or other related technologies as well as generally knowledgeable individual’s opinions. Although they may have affiliations, this is not a statement on behalf of their organization (see below for Businesses).

Individual Support Indicated Statement Affiliations
7hacker Yes X
Ben Carman Yes X
Ben Orozco Yes X
Benjamin de Waal Yes X
Bruce Fenton Yes Managing Director Chainstone Labs
Buck Perley Yes Engineer at Unchained Capital
Calvin Kim Yes X BitMEX Grantee / Utreexo
Chris Kapilla Yes X
Dan Trevino Yes X Co-Founder Boom Wallet
Daniel McNally Yes X Senior Software Engineer at BitGo
deepnorm Yes X
Dennis Porto Yes X GP, Huat Ventures & early Bitcoiner
Hasu Yes X
Indy Yes X
Jeremy Rubin Yes X Judica, bitcoin core contributor
Johan TorĂ¥s Halseth Yes X
John Davies Yes X
John Holmquist Yes X
John Light Yes X
Jon L Yes @StackinSats on Twitter
Jon Syu Yes X
Jose D Robles Yes X
Jose SK Yes X
Josh Cincinnati Yes X Advisor to Sia Foundation and Board Member of the Mina Foundation
Lloyd Fournier Yes X
Marco Argentieri Yes X Co-Founder & Head of Products @ Vulpem Ventures
Matthias Debernardini Yes X
moonsettler Yes X
Morgan Rockwell Yes X Bitcoin Hardware Developer
Olaoluwa Osuntokun Yes CTO, Lightning Labs
Paul Sztorc Yes X
Pete Winn Yes X
Philipp Hoenisch Yes X CEO CoBlox
pyskell Yes None
Robin Linus Yes X
rocket_fuel Yes X @rocket_fuel on twitter
Sebastian Buergel (SCBuergel.eth) Yes X Founder HOPR Association
Shinobi (brian_trollz) Yes X
Suddenlyactually Yes X
Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj Yes X Managing Partner FlashFund
Wrightangles Yes X
Yehuda "Jay" Berg Yes X Founder Protoblock, Inc.

Businesses / Organizations

Businesses represent a corporate or other organized interests in Bitcoin. Individuals at companies may have preferences differing from their corporation, or in alignment – it is encouraged to list both the business and any individual contributor’s opinion here. For the purpose of this site, most open source projects are not considered “businesses” and they should prefer to sign as individual contributors.

Business Support Indicated Statement
Judica, Inc Yes
Vulpem Ventures Yes X
Muun Wallet Yes X
Lightning Labs Yes
Comit Network Yes X
Itchy Sats Yes X

Mining Pools

note: Most miners mine via mining pools, which aggregate hash power to reduce variance in mining returns. While individual miners may also express a preference for or against a fork, pools serve as a proxy for the sentiment amongst their constituent miners, were they to misjudge they might lose hashrate.

Mining percentages were estimated as of October 7th, 2021 from recent data.

Pool Support Indicated Hashrate Statement
F2Pool Yes 17.2% X
Luxor Tech Yes 1.5%
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