BIP-119 Signalled Support

The following organizations, individuals, or pools have communicated preference for and intent to support a BIP-119 activation attempt using reasonable parameters. These “soft signals” are non-binding until an actual concrete proposal has been formed, but are useful for measuring community consensus.

Open an issue or a pull request on GitHub to modify or create or modify an entry for you or your organization. All listings have been individually confirmed by Jeremy Rubin where a statement is either missing or ambiguous.

Developers & Individuals

Developers & Individuals include the programmers behind Bitcoin Core, wallets, or other related technologies as well as generally knowledgeable individual’s opinions. Although they may have affiliations, this is not a statement on behalf of their organization (see below for Businesses).

Highlighted Supporters

Highlighted supporters are either bitcoin core contributors or individuals fluffypony selected discretionarily (as a "not neutral, respected, or an expert" third-party helper) to help readers of this page get a sense at a glance of some of the more well known individuals that are supportive of the proposal.
Individual Support Indicated Statement Affiliations
Alex Bergeron Yes πŸ”—
Alex Thorn Yes πŸ”— Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Digital
arbedout Yes πŸ”— VP Engineering at Unchained Capital
Ben Carman Yes πŸ”— The Bitcoin Company
Brad Mills Yes πŸ”— None
Bram Cohen Yes πŸ”— author of Bittorrent, founder Chia Labs
Bruce Fenton Yes Managing Director Chainstone Labs
Bryan Bishop Yes πŸ”— As Himself
Calvin Kim Yes πŸ”— BitMEX Grantee / Utreexo
Casey Rodarmor Yes πŸ”— None
Charlie Lee Yes πŸ”— Creator of Litecoin
Dan Cline Yes None
elsirion Yes πŸ”— MiniMint developer
Eric Wall Yes πŸ”— As Himself
fluffypony Yes πŸ”— Co-founder, Yat Labs, former lead maintainer Monero
Gene Hoffman Yes πŸ”— COO of
Hasu Yes πŸ”—
Jacob Swambo Yes πŸ”— As Himself
Jameson Lopp Yes πŸ”— Casa
Jeremy Rubin Yes πŸ”— Judica, bitcoin core contributor
John Carvalho No πŸ”— CEO of Synonym
John Light Yes πŸ”—
JohnOn{Chain,Git} Yes πŸ”— None
Josh Cincinnati Yes πŸ”— Advisor to Sia Foundation and Board Member of the Mina Foundation
Keagan McClelland Yes πŸ”—
Lloyd Fournier Yes πŸ”—
Mason Borda Yes πŸ”— CEO of Tokensoft
Olaoluwa Osuntokun Yes CTO, Lightning Labs
P Yes πŸ”— Director of Programming, The Bitcoin Conference and Co-Founder of Plebnet
Paul Sztorc Yes πŸ”—
Prayank Yes πŸ”—
Rearden Code Yes πŸ”— None
Ryan Shea Yes πŸ”— Cofounder Stacks and Citizenbase
Shinobi (brian_trollz) Yes πŸ”—
Tomer Strolight Yes πŸ”— Editor-in-chief,
Will Reeves Yes πŸ”— CEO of Fold
Ziya Sadr Yes πŸ”— Bitcoin Educator: Podcast, Youtube, Blogs
ZmnSCPxj jxPCSnmZ Yes πŸ”— Randomly-generated Internet People

More Supporters

Individual Support Indicated Statement Affiliations
7hacker Yes πŸ”—
a5an0 Yes πŸ”— As Himself
AdriΓ‘n Qecez Yes πŸ”—
Andrew Duncan Yes πŸ”— As Himself
Arceris Yes πŸ”— As Themself
Ben Orozco Yes πŸ”—
Benjamin de Waal Yes πŸ”—
Bentricia Benson Yes πŸ”—
Bryan W. Nonni Yes πŸ”— Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech Lead, Innovation Lab at NCR Corporation
Buck Perley Yes Engineer at Unchained Capital
Chris Kapilla Yes πŸ”—
Cody Baldwin Yes πŸ”— None
Dan Trevino Yes πŸ”— Co-Founder Boom Wallet
Daniel McNally Yes πŸ”— Senior Software Engineer at BitGo
David Seroy Yes πŸ”—
deepnorm Yes πŸ”—
Dennis Porto Yes πŸ”— GP, Huat Ventures & early Bitcoiner
Dr. M Robotix No πŸ”— None
Emmy Yes πŸ”— None
fiatjaf Yes πŸ”— Creator LNTXBot and Etleneum
Gigi Yes @GuerillaV2 on Twitter
Hank Stoever Yes πŸ”— Stacks Engineer
HashrateBTC Yes πŸ”— None
Hunter Trujillo Yes πŸ”— CTO, Grayblock Power
Indy Yes πŸ”—
Johan TorΓ₯s Halseth Yes πŸ”—
John Davies Yes πŸ”—
John Holmquist Yes πŸ”—
Jon L Yes @StackinSats on Twitter
Jon Syu Yes πŸ”—
Jose D Robles Yes πŸ”—
Jose SK Yes πŸ”—
Kody Yes πŸ”— None
Krvopije Yes πŸ”— None
LounΓ¨s Ksouri Yes πŸ”— Software Developer at Umbrel
Lucifer Hodlstar Yes πŸ”— CEO of Hell, formerly 2nd in Command at Heaven
Marco Argentieri Yes πŸ”— Co-Founder & Head of Products @ Vulpem Ventures
Matt Bell (mappum) Yes πŸ”— Nomic
Matt Coons Yes πŸ”— As Himself
Matt Luongo Yes πŸ”— Founder of Thesis
Matthew Black Yes πŸ”— Cofounder of Atomic Finance
Matthias Debernardini Yes πŸ”—
Michael Folkson No πŸ”— None
moonsettler Yes πŸ”—
Morgan Rockwell Yes πŸ”— Bitcoin Hardware Developer
Nick Neuman Yes πŸ”— As himself
NighttimeBit Yes πŸ”— None
Oriol Pont Yes πŸ”—
Pablo F Yes πŸ”— Head of R&D
Patrick Dugan Yes πŸ”— CEO, TradeLayer
Pete Winn Yes πŸ”—
Philipp Hoenisch Yes πŸ”— CEO CoBlox
PriceDancing Yes πŸ”— None
pyskell Yes None
Robert Spigler Yes πŸ”— Co-founder of YetiCold
Robin Linus Yes πŸ”—
rocket_fuel Yes πŸ”— @rocket_fuel on twitter
Sam Callahan Yes πŸ”— As himself
Sarah Satoshi Yes πŸ”— Bitcoin Educator & founder of Ladies in Bitcoin
Sebastian Buergel (SCBuergel.eth) Yes πŸ”— Founder HOPR Association
Slashbin Yes πŸ”— Mining pool operator
Suddenlyactually Yes πŸ”—
Terrence Yang Yes πŸ”— Managing Director & Head of Retirement Solutions
Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj Yes πŸ”— Managing Partner FlashFund
Victor Afa Yes πŸ”— CTO of LNMarkets
Vincent Sus Yes πŸ”— Founder @PrivacyFnd
Wrightangles Yes πŸ”—
Yehuda "Jay" Berg Yes πŸ”— Founder Protoblock, Inc.
255 Yes πŸ”—

Businesses / Organizations

Businesses represent a corporate or other organized interests in Bitcoin. Individuals at companies may have preferences differing from their corporation, or in alignment – it is encouraged to list both the business and any individual contributor’s opinion here. For the purpose of this site, most open source projects are not considered “businesses” and they should prefer to sign as individual contributors.

Business Support Indicated Statement
Judica, Inc Yes
Vulpem Ventures Yes πŸ”—
Muun Wallet Yes πŸ”—
Lightning Labs Yes
Comit Network Yes πŸ”—
Itchy Sats Yes πŸ”—
BitMatrix Yes πŸ”—
Nomic Yes πŸ”—
Breez Yes πŸ”—
TradeLayer Yes πŸ”—
Synonym No πŸ”—
LN Markets Yes πŸ”—
Atomic Finance Yes πŸ”—
Tokensoft Yes πŸ”—
Thesis Yes πŸ”—
Huat Ventures Yes πŸ”—

Mining Pools

note: Most miners mine via mining pools, which aggregate hash power to reduce variance in mining returns. While individual miners may also express a preference for or against a fork, pools serve as a proxy for the sentiment amongst their constituent miners, were they to misjudge they might lose hashrate.

Mining percentages were estimated as of October 7th, 2021 from recent data.

Pool Support Indicated Hashrate Statement
F2Pool Yes 17.2% πŸ”—
Luxor Tech Yes 1.5% πŸ”—
Cruxpool Yes Small πŸ”—
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