BIP-119 Signalled Support

The following organizations, individuals, or pools have communicated preference for and intent to support a BIP-119 activation attempt using reasonable parameters. These “soft signals” are non-binding until an actual concrete proposal has been formed, but are useful for measuring community consensus. When a concrete proposal (e.g., parameters, binaries, etc) is launched, signatories on this list should not be considered to be supportive of that particular effort unless noted otherwise.

Open an issue or a pull request on GitHub to modify or create or modify an entry for you or your organization. All listings have been individually confirmed by Jeremy Rubin where a statement is either missing or ambiguous.

The retraction column indicates if support or dissent has changed, as well as the date of the change, and should be indicated with a new entry. The “For 2022 ST” column indicates general support for the proposal made here.

Developers & Individuals

Developers & Individuals include the programmers behind Bitcoin Core, wallets, or other related technologies as well as generally knowledgeable individual’s opinions. Although they may have affiliations, this is not a statement on behalf of their organization (see below for Businesses).

Highlighted Signals

Highlighted supporters are either bitcoin core contributors or individuals fluffypony selected discretionarily (as a "not neutral, respected, or an expert" third-party helper) to help readers of this page get a sense at a glance of some of the more well known individuals that are supportive of the proposal.
IndividualSupport IndicatedFor 2022 STRetractedStatementAffiliations
Alex BergeronYesπŸ”—
Alex ThornYesπŸ”—Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Digital
arbedoutYesπŸ”—VP Engineering at Unchained Capital
Ben CarmanYesπŸ”—The Bitcoin Company
Brad MillsYesπŸ”—None
Bram CohenYesπŸ”—author of Bittorrent, founder Chia Labs
Brandon BlackYesπŸ”—Swan
Bruce FentonYesManaging Director Chainstone Labs
Bryan BishopYesπŸ”—As Himself
Calvin KimYesπŸ”—BitMEX Grantee / Utreexo
Casey RodarmorYesπŸ”—None
Charlie LeeYesπŸ”—Creator of Litecoin
Dan ClineYesNone
elsirionYesπŸ”—MiniMint developer
Eric WallYesπŸ”—As Himself
fluffyponyYesπŸ”—Co-founder, Yat Labs, former lead maintainer Monero
Gene HoffmanYesπŸ”—COO of
Jacob SwamboYesπŸ”—As Himself
Jameson LoppYesπŸ”—Casa
Jeremy RubinYesπŸ”—Judica, bitcoin core contributor
John CarvalhoNoπŸ”—CEO of Synonym
John LightYesπŸ”—
Josh CincinnatiYesπŸ”—Advisor to Sia Foundation and Board Member of the Mina Foundation
Keagan McClellandYesπŸ”—
Lloyd FournierYesπŸ”—
Mason BordaYesπŸ”—CEO of Tokensoft
Olaoluwa OsuntokunYesCTO, Lightning Labs
PYesπŸ”—Director of Programming, The Bitcoin Conference and Co-Founder of Plebnet
Paul SztorcYesπŸ”—
Ryan SheaYesπŸ”—Cofounder Stacks and Citizenbase
Seth For PrivacyYesπŸ”—Head of Strategy + Marketing @ Foundation Devices
Shinobi (brian_trollz)YesπŸ”—
Tomer StrolightYesπŸ”—Editor-in-chief,
VortexYesπŸ”—Founder and @cryptocastnet
Will ReevesYesπŸ”—CEO of Fold
Ziya SadrYesπŸ”—Bitcoin Educator: Podcast, Youtube, Blogs
ZmnSCPxj jxPCSnmZYesπŸ”—Randomly-generated Internet People

More Signals

IndividualSupport IndicatedRetractedFor 2022 STStatementAffiliations
a5an0YesπŸ”—As Himself
AdriΓ‘n QecezYesπŸ”—
Alef AndradeYesπŸ”—Software Engineer at Gray Finance
Andrew DuncanYesπŸ”—As Himself
ArcerisYesπŸ”—As Themself
Ben OrozcoYesπŸ”—
Benjamin de WaalYesπŸ”—
Bentricia BensonYesπŸ”—
Bryan RamosYesπŸ”—As Himself
Bryan W. NonniYesπŸ”—Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech Lead, Innovation Lab at NCR Corporation
Buck PerleyYesEngineer at Unchained Capital
Chris KapillaYesπŸ”—
Cody BaldwinYesπŸ”—None
Dan TrevinoYesπŸ”—Co-Founder Boom Wallet
Daniel McNallyYesπŸ”—Senior Software Engineer at BitGo
David SeroyYesπŸ”—
Dennis PortoYesπŸ”—GP, Huat Ventures & early Bitcoiner
Dr. M RobotixNoπŸ”—None
Felipe LalliYesπŸ”—Walltime
fiatjafYesπŸ”—Creator LNTXBot and Etleneum
GigiYes@GuerillaV2 on Twitter
Hampus SjΓΆbergYesπŸ”—Creator of Blixt Wallet, Fork Explorer and NameDesc
Hank StoeverYesπŸ”—Stacks Engineer
Hunter BeastYesπŸ”—Director of Engineering, DIBA
Johan TorΓ₯s HalsethYesπŸ”—
John DaviesYesπŸ”—
John HolmquistYesπŸ”—
Jon LYes@StackinSats on Twitter
Jon SyuYesπŸ”—
Jose D RoblesYesπŸ”—
Jose SKYesπŸ”—
LounΓ¨s KsouriYesπŸ”—Software Developer at Umbrel
Lucifer HodlstarYesπŸ”—CEO of Hell, formerly 2nd in Command at Heaven
Marco ArgentieriYesπŸ”—Co-Founder & Head of Products @ Vulpem Ventures
Matt Bell (mappum)YesπŸ”—Nomic
Matt CoonsYesπŸ”—As Himself
Matt LuongoYesπŸ”—Founder of Thesis
Matthew BlackYesπŸ”—Cofounder of Atomic Finance
Matthias DebernardiniYesπŸ”—
Michael FolksonNoπŸ”—None
Morgan RockwellYesπŸ”—Bitcoin Hardware Developer
Nate KitzkeYesπŸ”—Engineering at Unchained
Nick NeumanYesπŸ”—As himself
Nitesh BalusuYesπŸ”—None
Oriol PontYesπŸ”—
Pablo FYesπŸ”—Head of R&D
Patrick DuganYesπŸ”—CEO, TradeLayer
Pete WinnYesπŸ”—
Philipp HoenischYesπŸ”—CEO CoBlox
Richard HoganriNoNoπŸ”—
Robert SpiglerYes2022-04-22NoπŸ”—Co-founder of YetiCold
Robert SpiglerNoNoπŸ”—Co-founder of YetiCold
Robin LinusYesπŸ”—
rocket_fuelYesπŸ”—@rocket_fuel on twitter
Sam CallahanYesπŸ”—As himself
Sarah SatoshiYesπŸ”—Bitcoin Educator & founder of Ladies in Bitcoin
Sebastian Buergel (SCBuergel.eth)YesπŸ”—Founder HOPR Association
SlashbinYesπŸ”—Mining pool operator
Terrence YangYesπŸ”—Managing Director & Head of Retirement Solutions
Tsolmondorj NatsagdorjYesπŸ”—Managing Partner FlashFund
Vicarious DramaYesNoπŸ”—Nodeyez
Victor AfaYesπŸ”—CTO of LNMarkets
Vincent SusYesπŸ”—Founder @PrivacyFnd
vnprcYesπŸ”—software dev at Swan, host TriangleBitDevs
Yehuda "Jay" BergYesπŸ”—Founder Protoblock, Inc.

Businesses / Organizations

Businesses represent a corporate or other organized interests in Bitcoin. Individuals at companies may have preferences differing from their corporation, or in alignment – it is encouraged to list both the business and any individual contributor’s opinion here. For the purpose of this site, most open source projects are not considered “businesses” and they should prefer to sign as individual contributors.

BusinessSupport IndicatedRetractedFor 2022 STStatement
Judica, IncYes
Vulpem VenturesYesπŸ”—
Muun WalletYesπŸ”—
Lightning LabsYes
Comit NetworkYesπŸ”—
Itchy SatsYesπŸ”—
LN MarketsYesπŸ”—
Atomic FinanceYesπŸ”—
Huat VenturesYesπŸ”—
Stacks FoundationYesπŸ”—

Mining Pools

note: Most miners mine via mining pools, which aggregate hash power to reduce variance in mining returns. While individual miners may also express a preference for or against a fork, pools serve as a proxy for the sentiment amongst their constituent miners, were they to misjudge they might lose hashrate.

Mining percentages were estimated as of October 7th, 2021 from recent data.

PoolSupport IndicatedRetractedFor 2022 STHashrateStatement
F2PoolYes05-02-2022No17.2% %πŸ”—
F2PoolNoNo17.2% %πŸ”—
Luxor TechYes1.5% %πŸ”—
CruxpoolYesSmall %πŸ”—
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