When greater security is required for cold storage solutions, there can be default Tapscript paths that move funds from one target to another target.

For example, a cold wallet can be set up where one customer support desk can, without further authorization, move a portion of the funds (using multiple pre-set amounts) into a lukewarm wallet operated by an isolated support desk. The support desk can then issue some funds to a hot wallet, and send the remainder back to cold storage with a similar withdrawal mechanism in place.

This is all possible without OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY, but OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY eliminates the need for coordination and online signers, as well as reducing the ability for a support desk to improperly move funds.

Furthermore, all such designs can be combined with relative time locks to give time for compliance and risk desks to intervene.

Check out the following for more information and code examples of Vaults:


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